Grounded In
  Respect And

A&A Trading is committed to our role in Reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. We believe meaningful engagement and on-the-ground action. Our actions are guided by the advice of our Indigenous friends, colleagues and leaders, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action.  

A&A Trading has a long history of supporting First Nations with their forestry programs. We are proud of these partnerships and the fact that our Indigenous partners have become some of the forest industry’s most successful and progressive leaders. We believe in collaborating to determine how to create more value rather than conventional approaches to service provision.

Being proactively engaged as participants in the development of some of the first Indigenous-led land governance systems in BC, we have noticed positive and promising trends; areas where we enjoy the most operational clarity and stability are part of the Territories where Indigenous Nations have reassumed a leadership role. 

We believe that all of us have a part to play in Reconciliation. We are working collaboratively to make it happen today—grounded in friendship, respect, and insight from our most cherished relationships. 

Engaging as Allies
Integrating Indigenous knowledge into forestry planning and business practices
Developing tools for learning about forestry and forest enterprises within Nations and Nation businesses
Engaging with a network of like-minded professionals that also believe in advancing Reconciliation
Providing training to our employees through cultural workshops, courses, and conferences
Contributing to Indigenous-led capital projects that support the environment, culture, and language
Committing measurably to Indigenous training, education, and employment opportunities
Supporting Indigenous business in our procurement of goods and services
Working for Nations by offering our expertise, to align with their objectives and to create prosperity for generations
​​“Forging strong relationships builds trust and when there is trust you build successful partnerships and in my mind this is a path forward for reconciliation.”
John Mohammed
A&A Trading’s Role in Reconciliation

A&A Trading has embarked on an important company strategy for Indigenous engagement. It is informed by Indigenous people, is driven by authentic actions, not just words, and is designed to offer individuals on our team their own personal path towards Reconciliation. The engagement strategy is made up of nine initiatives that are focused on business development, capacity building and education, investing in communities, culture and the environment, supporting Indigenous businesses, experiential cultural training, and knowledge sharing.

Every person in the company is on a team working on each of the nine initiatives. They all have an objective to achieve, where part of the process is understanding what Reconciliation means and how to get there. Teams are encouraged to reach out to our Indigenous friends and understand the best path forward. The resulting approaches for each initiative are implemented, with each team in the lead. A&A Trading has fully embraced this process, and the outcomes around communication, understanding, and learning have been groundbreaking.