What is a Forest
Stewardship Plan?

A Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP) is a map-based, landscape-level five-year plan that identifies results and strategies. These results and strategies direct forest management practices so that objectives set by the BC Government are met. By referencing all applicable legislation and best practices, FSP’s translate rules and regulations into real-world applications of forest management that protect biodiversity, cultural heritage, water quality, riparian and wildlife habitat, and myriad other values connected to our shared forests.

FSP’s identify areas where forest development such as harvesting and road works may occur. It also provides First Nations, the public, resources agencies, and other agreement-holders and stakeholders opportunities to review and comment on proposed development activities.

Engagement map

A&A Trading (Haida Gwaii) Ltd. invites you to review and comment on our 2023-2024 operational plan maps for Tree Farm Licence 58 and Forest Licence A16870.

The operational plan maps can be found at the links below and are organized by operating area.

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