Services Tailored
to Complement our
Clients’ Objectives

Our clients are in the lead complemented by our team of dedicated professionals. Clients will have direct access to A&A’s broad range of expertise and networks, as they require, to create value.

Clients can move forward confidently with collaboratively developed agreements, clear reporting, and regular communication with company contacts who are readily accessible. Our commitment to transparency not only serves to provide peace of mind but yields the best possible business results in dynamic operating environments.

Working together, we can build our client’s internal expertise and capacity, facilitate internal and external engagement, and evolve relationships as business dynamics and community expectations change and grow.


Our Expertise:
Log Marketing
Tenure Management
Advisory Services
Strategic Planning
Log Marketing

A&A has been engaged in the forest products industry for nearly forty years, having cultivated significant global marketplace connections, completed thousands of successful transactions and on-time deliveries, and developed an expert understanding of various markets and client needs.

Our team maintains continuous access to markets and optimum pricing. They are top performers in the industry for moving volume, ensuring every log is sold expeditiously and for optimum value.

Market foresight is key to ensuring the best possible pricing and operational planning; this can only come from being keenly attuned to markets and our customers, every single day. We keep our clients continuously updated as we work to maintain flexibility and anticipate future markets.

Once a project is operational, our marketing team works diligently with crews to identify the highest value for every log across the profile. Our highly skilled quality control and log supply staff ensure that no opportunity goes uninvestigated, and that all operational phases are aligned with an optimal marketing plan.

Sales administration is another critical yet often overlooked marketing component. A&A Trading employs the most efficient approaches to coordinating the various permits, advertisements, legal necessities, and logistics required to deliver logs to customers.

We are uniquely positioned to create shipping synergies, particularly in geographically-complex operating areas. Our experiential background in marketing and our volume capacity ensure our clients’ volume moves smoothly, on time, and at the lowest possible freight cost.

We also support a strong domestic manufacturing sector by working closely with our contacts to anticipate supply needs as well as current and future pricing, in all markets.

Accessing markets at an optimal pricing point can be very challenging, especially for smaller licensees and new entrants into the sector. Our clients can confidently navigate markets with direct access to the benefits that A&A Trading’s established network and expertise bring.

Tenure Management Expertise
Tenure Management

Tenure management is a complex endeavor, and even a small tenure requires a broad skill set and depth of experience to function effectively. A&A Trading boasts a strong team of highly specialized professionals, whose expertise encompasses the breadth of knowledge required to excel in all aspects of forest management and marketing.

Decades of tenure management has led A&A Trading to build up the systems and resources necessary to function with the utmost efficiency and professionalism. Our professionals have been active on the coast throughout their careers and understand the values, timber, challenges, and opportunities presented across the various timber supply areas. We are well versed in all legal requirements and working with various government agencies, in working effectively with coastal First Nations, and ensuring the forests we harvest are promptly reforested and left healthy and free growing.

A&A Trading has the tools to ensure operations are highly efficient and organized, and that our clients’ documentation is always in good order and readily accessible. We have established and tested safety and environmental management systems that meet the most rigorous certification requirements, ensuring continual improvement of client operations that stand up to scrutiny.

These tools also provide our clients with insight into the parts of their business we are helping them to manage. Detailed, transparent, and regular reporting, be it on finances, project status, sales and inventory, or forest health, ensures the full operational awareness of the client, that expectations are clear, and that the best decisions are being made for the land, the community, and the client’s business.

We acknowledge the privilege of operating in Indigenous Territories across BC’s coast. We connect, listen, and communicate so that traditional stewards of the land know who we are and the work we are doing. Referrals and consultation are more than just a checklist item for us—we believe in true engagement to understand, respect, and preserve Nation values on the land.

When working with A&A Trading, clients are connected to the best in the business and our full range of expertise—we are always happy to leverage this to build client capacity and create professional synergies that work for clients and client businesses.

Tenure Management Expertise
Advisory Services

A&A Trading has worked with many licensees on various types of licences, in a variety of landscapes, markets, and policy environments. We have responded to changes in operating environments by developing systems, approaches, and agreements that generate opportunities among crises, allowing us to solve otherwise intractable problems. Our knowledge of our sector’s history and how it has evolved lets us avoid repeating history and manage our operations progressively and innovatively.

This experience facilitates client navigation of often challenging work. A&A Trading has a track record in helping develop internal capacity and standards, providing advocacy services in strategy and relationship building, providing technical support and second opinions where solicited, and guiding high level resource management planning efforts.

No task is too big or too small, and we can tailor support to clients on an individual basis. There is a large body of collective knowledge at A&A Trading that is available to complement existing client capacity.

Tenure Management Expertise
Strategic Planning

Today is a dynamic time in the forest sector. First Nations are reassuming leadership roles in resource management amid a changing climate and global economy, and growing and maintaining a business requires creativity and adaptability.

Our team is always ready to support clients in developing their businesses and long-term strategies. We can help lead strategic development processes, or just provide insight and technical support. This can be accomplished in the context of formalized reconciliation or Treaty process stages, or business and capacity development.

We have experience in identifying and securing opportunities in expanding tenure, adding value to operations, facilitating business-to-business relations, and engaging with all levels of government, communities, interested parties and stakeholders.

If clients want to take a step back to focus on long-term planning for their forestry or business programs, A&A Trading is ready to help craft resilient and sustainable solutions.

Tenure Management Expertise