For The Future

A&A Trading is responsible for the stewardship and reforestation of the areas we manage—each year, A&A Trading replants an average of 500,000 native conifer tree species.

Prompt reforestation is a key aspect of sustainable forest management and ensures that our working forests remain healthy and resilient for the benefit of future generations. Together, our silviculture and planning foresters bring decades of cumulative experience in successful reforestation, guided by the latest scientific principles and best practices.

Forest management goes far beyond complying with legislation. As our understanding of our forests evolve, we are adapting management practices to keep pace with a shifting paradigm—changing emphases on forest ecology and values such as protection of biodiversity and cultural resources are driving the development of enhanced consultative frameworks around operational forestry decisions.

A&A Trading is working with Government and other stakeholders to develop Forest Landscape Planning (FLP) protocols that will replace existing Forest Stewardship Plan-based landscape-level management. Transitioning to FLP’s is intended to enhance the ease with which the public and other stakeholders can raise questions and concerns around forest management decisions. While A&A Trading welcomes questions and input outside of the FLP process, the public, stakeholders, and clients can expect to see A&A Trading begin incorporating a formalized FLP framework in the near future.

Our team has decades of experience in high-level management and planning, successfully adapting business planning and practices to evolving forest management and regulatory frameworks. We have several senior staff dedicated to ensuring the successful implementation and execution of the nascent FLP framework, and are already engaged with key parties in developing a process that is equitable to all affected stakeholders while remaining business-friendly.