Our planning and engineering group adapts a unique approach to the management of each license. We endeavor to integrate all potential project variables, including:

  • Client values
  • Environmental values
  • Timber profile
  • Market forces
  • Terrain
  • Cultural and social values.

We accommodate all project variables to design a harvesting program that is sustainable, sensitive to client objectives, matches the highest-utilization end users with the timber profile, and delivers logs to the market under optimal conditions.

To achieve these results we offer the following services:
​Timber Evaluation – Before any road building or harvesting contracts are signed, we review the value of the timber based on forecasted market conditions to ensure a reasonable profit margin once all costs are considered. We then review the marketing plan for the exact timber profile being harvested, to ensure that the highest end use and highest value is being achieved for the various harvested log qualities.
​Forest Stewardship Plans – Developed to meet legislative requirements and the management needs of the client, to provide guiding principles for license development and management.
Harvest Planning Forecasts – These plans identify the timber opportunities available within a license for all market conditions, five, ten, or even twenty years ahead.
​Customer Identification – Once a project is in a 'go' position, our log supply team begins arranging delivery plans with potential customers, to ensure efficient sales cash flow back to a project as volume is generated.
Efficient Harvest Block Design – Matches timber value with maximum logging chance efficiency, while implementing optimal harvest systems and sound environmental management.