Stan Johnson

Year Started: 2018 Home Office: Vancouver Stan was born and raised on the BC Coast and is a 2nd generation forestry worker. He grew up primarily on Haida Gwaii living there for 30 years before leaving in 2002. Stan began his logging career there in 1984 in the summers while attempting… Read more

Keith Sorensen

Year Started: 2021 Home Office: Campbell River Keith has been a part of the forest industry since he was big enough to swing an axe. His roots are tied to third generation family-owned shingle mills from Mission to Powell River and his father being a faller turned log scaler. Keith… Read more

Cooper Ashwell

Year Started: 2021 Home Office: Campbell River Cooper started his career in forestry right out of high school as an assistant forestry engineer in Haida Gwaii. After his first summer he enrolled in the Forest Resource Technology program at Vancouver Island University. Once he received his diploma, Cooper started a… Read more

Taylor Brown, RPF

Year Started: 2018 Home Office: Campbell River Taylor started with A&A Trading in 2018 as an engineer. After 3 years he was brought onto the Log Supply Team to learn more about this side of the business.   Taylor currently looks after our operations in Haida Gwaii, Bella Coola Community Forest,… Read more

Marlon Todd, RPF

Year Started: 2012 Home Office: Campbell River Marlon is from a third generation BC coastal forestry family with roots on the West Coast. He began his forestry career on a high school job placement program before working as an Engineering Assistant on Nootka Island. Deciding he enjoyed the profession enough to… Read more

Greg Tai

Year Started: 2017 Home Office: Vancouver Greg graduated from UBC Engineering and started as a junior log trader specializing in the export markets.  He carries valuable and long-term relations with A&A customers overseas and works together to strategize the most efficient, timely delivery of cargo.  With his diverse experience along… Read more

Braydon Machan

Year Started: 2016 Home Office: Campbell River Braydon started his forestry career when he moved to Gibsons in 2011 to take the Coastal Log Scaling course. He then spent 4 years traveling the BC coastline, from Howe Sound to Haida Gwaii, working as a log scaler/grader. His scaling career was… Read more

Lisa Morhart

Year Started: 2016 Home Office: Vancouver Lisa grew up in Clearwater, in the interior of BC.   She started with A&A as the receptionist and over the years has been promoted to Export & Logistics Coordinator, working with the Log Supply Team.  Lisa has been fired several times, but just… Read more