Jennifer Obi

Year Started: 2022
Home Office: Vancouver

What have you done that has helped to develop your current skill set? 

As an individual goes along in their own life they should, naturally develop life skills that they will need to go further in their walk through life.  

This is an individual learning process, but it may take a bit of education to help them along further in their own life with their social skills also and become more self-sufficient. I have naturally learned throughout the adventures and years of my life how to communicate well with others regardless of origin – nationally and so on. Along the way I have, professional schooling and training behind me also.

Coordination: One of the skills that I own and better is coordination, naturally, I am acceptable at planning with colleagues and individuals. Coordination is the essential skill to make an association effective and accomplish the wanted outcome.

Coordination is important when the work and undertaking need more than one individual and regularly at each errand without coordination no things should be possible efficiently. 

Documentation: Another important skill I have developed through my experience is documentation which has assisted me with growing the industry and accomplishing more in my career. 

Special skills (work-related) Learning a new skill might look very intimidating and frustrating. You might feel indecisive as well. 

Multitasking — this is one of my special skills, today’s workplace is in many ways busier and more complicated than in the past. 

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