John Mohammed
President & Owner

Year Started: 1991
Home Office: Vancouver

John’s career in forestry began as a child at his fathers’ side, following him around for log inspections, meeting with Japanese customers and learning the qualities they look for in timber. In his early twenties, he spent a year in Japan learning Japanese saw-milling techniques, log grading, logistics and sales marketing methods. Upon his return, he worked in all areas of the business from logging operations to timber valuation, log trading and logistics, through to saw-milling for custom cutting.

Throughout his years of work on the Coast, John has built many close relationships with First Nations. These friendships have influenced him profoundly and he was an early proponent in moving the forest industry towards developing successful and meaningful First Nations partnerships. His belief is that these relationships must be defined through transparency and respect for the values and skills each brings to the partnership. John’s philosophy is based on the importance of building long term business relationships that are not predicated on short term gains, but built to grow, strengthen and benefit the next generations.

Under John’s leadership, A&A Trading has become one of the leading privately held forestry companies on the BC coast. He has built an experienced, hardworking team with an overarching culture based on the pillars of strong relationships, communication, humility and safety. This is the essence of the A&A Family.

John is a graduate of the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Science in Forestry, and currently sits on the Board of the BC Council of Forest Industries (COFI).

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