Leigh Stalker, RPF

Year Started: 2021
Home Office: Campbell River

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Leigh pursued a career in natural resource management to maintain a connection with the outdoors. Graduating from the University of Northern British Columbia in 2001, Leigh started her career in wildfire research and management which took her all over BC, New Zealand and Australia.  

She then found her true passion working in the coastal forest industry as a Registered Professional Forester where she spent 12 years in consulting before joining the team at A&A.  

The variety of projects Leigh has worked on developed her broad knowledge base from professional forestry, to wildfire management, to riparian restoration. Gaining valuable skills in relationship building, mentoring and teamwork over the years, Leigh brings to the team a process-oriented approach that is rooted in relationships.  

Leigh is a proud mom to an outdoor loving, kind and community centric daughter. With her family, Leigh focuses on balancing a rewarding career and living well on the trails, on the water and in the mountains. 

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