Stan Johnson

Year Started: 2018
Home Office: Vancouver

Stan was born and raised on the BC Coast and is a 2nd generation forestry worker. He grew up primarily on Haida Gwaii living there for 30 years before leaving in 2002. Stan began his logging career there in 1984 in the summers while attempting a post secondary education. His love of the forestry business was strong and he chose in 1989 to make it a full time career. 

Stan started with a small family owned company that ran a sawmill and an export log yard. While bucking logs to meet cut specifications and also working in the mill periodically, he was mentored and learned to love the challenge of getting the highest value from a log. 

In 1994 Stan started an entry level job in the Grade department and proceeded to work his way up through multiple positions within the Grade, Yarding and Loading and Log Sorting departments. In 1999 Stan took a position as a Production Trainee/Woods Foreman then eventually DLS Supervisor. 

 2002 saw Stan transfer with his young family to Port McNeill as an Quality Control Supervisor. During his time on Northern Vancouver Island there were many changes as the companies he worked for transitioned through various ownership. During this time Stan covered QC in multiple areas and operations along with another stint as a Woods Foreman while continuing his QC duties. 

After 7 years on the North Island, Stan transferred into Fibre Supply as a Log Trader. Working under a strong team he learned and honed his log trading and negotiating skills. He eventually worked his way up to the position of Manager, Domestic Log Sales and Purchases. In 2018 an opportunity to join A&A Trading as their General Manager of Log Supply presented itself. Stan took that opportunity to work again for a family owned company which offered him the ability to have input on decisions to help the company grow. A&A had a strong team and Stan felt he could and would learn how to have an impact on all areas of the business working with A&A. 

Stan continues to learn on a daily basis and works with his team along with all A&A staff to reinforce the company as a respected, strong and valued forestry management provider on the BC Coast. 

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