Because We Know It
Can Be Done Better

Our team is committed to operating on a set of values and beliefs that drive our day-to-day interactions, decisions and strategic approaches. We believe that resilient, authentic, and transparent relationships, in all aspects of our business, are what provide excellent results for ourselves and our clients. 

As a Team We Believe .....
In the well-being of our employees, partners, customers, contractors and suppliers
In relationships, and that our relationships are friendships
That mutual loyalty and respect brings results
In the long-term, the future and we are not driven by quarterly results
In doing what is right and fair; that transparency creates and maintains trust
That our work is important and has purpose
Our Values
Working together and utilizing each others strengths, collaborating, respecting one another, and having fun
Innovative, business minded, with the ability to be driven and creative about how to outpace our competitors in an ever-changing industry
Hard work
Get up in the morning, roll their sleeves back and earn it; dedication and commitment to results
Consider others and not just ourselves, respect what is right and just, and let that guide our decisions
Acknowledging others' contributions, not just your own, striving to improve, being grateful
Being accountable to one's own actions, respecting relationships, and always being transparent
Committed to
Future Generations

The key to our success is our people, the values we all stand for, and a shared belief in using vision and collective wisdom to manage our forests sustainably. When we do this, these forests will continue to contribute to the health and well-being of our communities for generations to come. We are committed to the safety and wellness of our workers and their families, and our operations are conducted in a manner that maintains the integrity of the environment we depend on.

Staying true to our commitments, our operations will:
Comply with all environmental laws and legal requirements governing environmental performance.
Minimize environmental impact through the use of resources management planning and innovative forest practices.
Work with government and other appropriate groups to identify and conserve key environmental values.
Provide training for our employees and contractors in environmentally responsible work practices.
Conduct internal and third party audits of environmental management systems and field practices to ensure environmental protection objectives are being achieved and recorded.
Establish strict pollution prevention objectives and targets for our operations and work towards continual achievements of these targets.
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